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Enjoy working and playing on an island with abundant nature.

Spread out in front of you

Sea, sky, and tropical plants

Beautiful contrast of blue and green

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Why not work while traveling in an environment where you can fully enjoy the island life?


At the lounge, exchange stories and information with our staff and other travelers.

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At the outdoor deck, feel the breeze and air of Yakushima.

If you want to focus or have an online meeting, use your guest room as your private office.

Manmaru Guesthouse is a perfect place for your workation trip.

Surrounded by nature, you can work at your own pace and style.


It is located within walking distance to grocery stores and a post office.

Also a convenient location to the popular spots like Jomonsugi or Yakusugi-land.

A great balance of work and sightseeing is possible here.

With our workation plan, you can experience ordinary and extraordinary life in Yakushima.


Wi-Fi is available indoors and outdoors

Working remotely is so easy

Plenty of outlets are available, both indoors and outdoors



Discount available from 4 nights or more

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